Obtaining Microbiology advice

The guidelines do not cover every eventuality. Advice on antibiotic therapy can be obtained from the Medical Microbiologists (contact extension 1837 during normal working hours 0830-1700 or the on call Medical Microbiologist via switchboard out of hours 1700-0900).

When you call for advice, please ensure you have the following information:

  • Patient’s name and date of birth
  • Clinical history including presenting complaint, past medical history (including details of any immunosuppression and/or the presence of prosthetic devices)
  • Current clinical condition including latest observations and examination findings
  • Up to date Inflammatory markers
  • Renal and liver function
  • Results of other relevant investigations such as radiology
  • Allergies including specific nature of allergies
  • Current antimicrobial treatment including duration
  • Previous antimicrobial treatment in the recent past
  • Previous microbiology results (including history of multi-resistant organisms including MRSA status): this is especially important when calling for advice out of hours as the microbiologists do not have access to laboratory results out of hours.

When the diagnosis of tuberculosis is considered or confirmed Dr P Stockton (Ext 1362, Bleep 7017), Dr S Twite (Ext 4200) or Dr J Hendry (Ext. 1899) are available to give advice.