Basil's home on the net. is the personal website and general dumping ground of me, Basil.
My teenage self thought the domain name brilliantly witty and bought it without any real website plans. Over the years it's seen everything from my first painful efforts in HTML, a directory of gameservers to this simple iteration.


The Scottish Highlands in Autumn.
The river Garry is visible in this shot across the 2 mile long Killiecrankie pass. This area is best known for the eponymous battle of the Scottish Jacobite rising fought in 1689.

Mt. Fuji

View of Fuji-sama from Lake Kawaguchiko.
Though there are taller mountains it is the solitude in which Mt. Fuji stands which stuck me. Viewing from an onsen recommended.


Snapshot between Grafton and Rockville.
Taken enroute to Zion National Park from Las Vegas.
The changes in terrian over this journey are profound; barren desert to rugged rocks.

Zion Canyon

Amongst the most beautiful places on Earth.
Zion National Park is well worth a few days exploration with hikes of every difficulty. Camp nearby if possible.